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Glynne Bradford

Re Michael Payne Chiropodist

My ingrowing toe nails have been cured after receiving lots of TLC and I know not of any other person who uses the type of drill Michael does with such tenderness and compassion.

Mrs M L Long

To whom it may concern

Mike Payne has dealt with my troublesome feet for over ten years. He has kept them in good order for me but has also dealt with me in a courteous and kind manner making it a pleasure to see him.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Ann Edmunds

I consulted Michael Payne as I had a painful big toe due to the nail thickening. Even after his first visit I was pain free and remain so due to his regular visits. 

Michael is not only good at his job he is also a nice person to have in my home.

Pat Spencer

Clacton on Sea
Another successful visit from Michael for the removal of the "Troublesome corn" which others have not been able to do. Excellent service and highly recommended .

Nothing is too much trouble, why not give him a ring and make that much needed appointment.

Mrs Reeve

I recommend Mr Payne to all my friends and family.

I couldn't thank him enough as I was so nervous to see a chiropodist as I had the most painful ingrown toe nail which I kept putting off. Mr Payne was recommended to me and I decided to get the problem treated. He was so patient and put me at ease and it was not as painful as I thought, I felt in good hands and his aftercare and advice was excellent.

I now have become a bit of a regular keeping my nails in check and callous ( hard skin) at bay.

Robert Fielder

Michael Payne has been visiting me at home as I don't drive. 

He has always been courteous and very friendly and I am confident that after his visit my feet will feel much better. 

I suffer from hard skin chiefly which Michael has the various equipment to eradicate.

Margaret Frost

Clacton on Sea
I don't have a car, but I do have dogs - therefore I do a lot of walking and my feet are very important to me. Since one of my dog walking friends recommended Michael my feet are in wonderful condition. After a treatment I am 'walking on air'.

There is an added bonus in that since his first visit I have felt so at ease with him - he is interesting to talk to and when he visits me, it is like having a friend call on you.

Sue Morland

I booked Mr Payne to visit my brothers badly neglected feet.  We found Mr Payne to be on time, informative and friendly, after the visit my brothers feet feel and look a great deal better for a very reasonable cost, we will be using Hi-Tech Chiropody on a regular basis.  

Thank you Mr Payne

Ms Lynda A Hopgood

After suffering for many years with corn's calluse's and fungal nail infections, I then became a client of Mr Michael L Payne and cannot praise him enough for his patience and kindness in dealing with my with my problems which I am now happy to say have almost completely been rectified, and are now the most comfortable they have been in years.

I found Mr Payne to be a very professional, knowledgable and friendly gentleman whom I would gladly recommend to anyone.

Mr Andrews

I was recommended to Mr Payne after suffering terrible knee pain ever since a young age. He immediately diagnosed me with having very flat feet and due to the jobI  have I required custom made orthotics.

Within weeks of using these every day the knee pain reduced and has now disappeared, I would strongly recommend Mr Payne to anyone due to the excellent service I received.

Mrs A Spencer

I can highly recommend Michael Payne, my Chiropodist, who has been tending my feet on a regular basis for the past 17 years.

After every session I feel I have two new feet.

Georgina Morsley

Clacton on sea
Michael Payne became my chiropodist after an older chiropodist had shaken his head and said that he did not quite know what was wrong with my toes.

I was in a lot of pain and becoming more and more disabled but with the regular and effective treatment I am now receiving the corns are almost cured.

The relief I feel is unbelievable.

Brenda +Tony Shakespeare

Martlesham, Ipswich
Hello Michael,

I followed your advice and obtained antibiotics and my toe is now feeling a lot better. My feet are a lot more comfortable for your attention.

Thank you for your prompt visit and friendly service, we will be calling on you again.

Richard Mallinder

After several years of pain due to playing sports of various kinds with big toe, in-growing nails; it's not an over exaggeration to state that finding a chiropodist of Michael Payne's calibre can only be judged from the facts.

Once Michael completed remedial work on the offending in-growing toe nails, I am now pain free and have remained so for the best part of 10 years.

Mr & Mrs Parker

My husband has been a patient of Mr Payne’s for the last 16 years.Mr Payne has always been professional and courteous.His friendly manner and sensitive handling of my husband’s feet have made his visits to us a pleasure.

Mr Payne has also helped me with orthotics which have made walking much easier.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Payne; he is a very experienced and meticulous chiropodist.

Karen Lonton

I have been visiting Michael Payne at his surgery in Colchester for nine years; now he has moved to Ipswich I have home visits from him, which I really appreciate as I didn't want to lose him.

He has kept my feet in good condition being I suffer from hard toe nail, corns and hard skin.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone.

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